Single sheet dispensing that brings together saving and hygiene.

Fato offers the Ho.Re.Ca world a range of napkin dispenser systems. An exclusive design that combines functionality with style.



The rotating dispenser

Designed to rotate a full 360°, TableTurn surprises and delights with its innovative functionality. With a simple touch the dispenser rotates towards customers, making taking a napkin an easy and fun experience. Ideal for tables and counters.

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Counter Mod

The stackable dispenser

Counter Mod is a nifty dispensing solution which optimises small surface spaces. Its modular design enables you to choose as many units as you wish, stacking them vertically or horizontally, whilst the handy drawer-style opening makes refilling faster and more efficient

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The wall-mounted dispender

The generous capacity and ease of use makes this dispenser a great option for high-foot traffic businesses. With its wall-mounted system it reduces clutter and frees up valuable table and counter space.

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The compact dispenser

S-Table is a sturdy, resistant solution, perfect for locations such as bars, pubs and fast food outlets which are frequented by a young and lively clientele.

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The "fill & forget" dispenser

The TableTop dispenser holds a larger quantity of napkins, making it ideal for canteens, self-service outlets and locations subject to high foot traffic.

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Eco-friendly napkins

Combining style and environmental respect

Each dispenser holds ecologically-certi ed napkins made from quality paper which is manufactured with absolute respect for the environment. The “Bon Appetit” message in a range of languages adds a fun touch to the white napkins made from PEFCTM-certi ed pure pulp while the “Think Natural” text underlines this option’s eco-friendly credentials. These napkins are made from Fiberpack®, the raw material derived from recycled beverage cartons and certi ed EU Ecolabel and FSC® Recycled.

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